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Doors / Windows

Please be sure to CALL US for information on how to measure existing doors for replacements.

Exterior Combo Doors

We offer a wide range of Combo Doors from your basic mobile home door with a diamond window to the higher-end six panel steel door with storm door.

Exterior Outswing Doors

From Left To Right:
• Standard Mobile Home Door - Diamond Glass

• Standard Mobile Home Door - Slider Window (Blank doors also available)

• High-end Six Panel Steel Outswing Door (accomadates a dead bolt)

• Lite Outswing Door (we offer these in single glass or insulated)

Exterior French Doors

We offer a classy look with the mobile home outswing Exterior French Door.

Sliding/Patio Doors

We keep a good inventory and wide selection of the most popular Patio Doors. From the basic single pane to the higher-end thermo pane, energy efficient doors.

Interior Doors

We have in stock, several types of interior door to choose from. These doors range in many different sizes so please be sure to measure your door (width & Height) before coming in.

We have the basic Valley Oak Door, smooth on both sides, the flushed white also smooth on both sides and the white six panel molded.

The widths come as follows: 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 36"
We offer two different heights: 78" & 80"

Replacement Windows

We offer a large variety of replacement windows from the basic aluminum sliders to the top of the line Vinyl, Tilt In replacement sliders.

These windows come in many, many sizes, so please give us a call and let us guide you in the correct way to get a accurate measurement.

Door & Window Hardware

Can I buy my door locks at other building suppliers?

No...The Mobile Home type doors are made totally different from the regular residential type doors. Therefore, other locks will not properly work on your doors.

We offer a large variety of door locks, window locks & and storm door locks. We also have a large variety of hardware.