Water Heaters

We always have most of the regular water heaters in stock that you would need to replace your old one with. These water heaters come with five & six year warranties.

We offer the following sizes, all of which are side fill:

20 gal.....120 volt ... 18"dia. x 25"tall...
30 gal.....120 volt ... 22"dia. x 29.5 tall...
30 gal.....240 volt ... 22"dia. x 29.5 tall...
30 gal.....240 volt ... 18"dia. x 45.25 tall...
40 gal.....240 volt ... 22"dia. x 47.25 tall...

In addition to these water heaters, we also have most of the repair parts in stock such as, heater elements, element wrench, thermostats, T&P valve, drip pans, continuity tester, pipe fittings and a large variety of hose connectors.


Bathtubs, Showers, Accessories

We offer a large variety of tubs. The tubs we keep in stock are the fiberglass tubs which are very strong with very good support underneath them. Unlike the plastic ones that you are most likely replacing, these tubs are very similar in quality to the ones use in residential homes. There are so many different types of tubs / showers that we can't list them all but below is a list with many of the most common sizes/ types.

Regular Tubs
27"W x 54"L x 17.5"H ...White or Bone (off white)

Jacuzzi Tubs

2 Piece Tubs w/ Fiberglass Surround....
27"W x 54"L x 75"H ... White or Bone
We offer sliding glass doors for this unit...

Garden Tubs....
42"W x 54"L x 24.75H W/Step ..White or Bone
48"W x 60"L x 23.5H W/Step ..White or Bone
42"W x 60"L x 27.5H W/O Step .. White or Bone

2 Piece Showers....
27"W X 54"L x 75"H.. 2 pc. Fiberglass..White or Bone. We offer sliding glass doors for above units...
32 x 32 ..2pc. economy shower stall w/vinyl walls.. White or Bone. We offer Glass door for 32" shower...
We also have the vinyl, one piece wall surrounds for all of our one piece tubs.

Toilets & Accessories

We have a complete line of Toilets and Accessories for your bathroom needs. Drop by the store or give us a call.

Lavatories & Accessories

17' x 20' oval plastic lavatory...white or bone
17" x 20" rectangular lavatory..white or bone

17" x 20" oval China lavatory ... white or bone

Along with the lavatories, we have all of the accessories
you would need while installing the unit.

Kitchen Sinks & Accessories

We offer several different sizes and types of kitchen sinks.....

Stainless Steel with faucet ledge...
33 x 19 x 6" deep
33 x 19 x 7" deep
33 x 19 x 8" deep

Stainless Steel w/o ledge
33 x 17 x 6" deep

White Permalux Kitchen Sink
33 x 19 x 7.5"deep

Along with the sinks, we have all of the accessories you should need for installation


We offer a complete line of faucets for your home needs. Kitchen, Bathroom or outside, we also have all of the accessories to fix or install your faucets....

Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Cemets, Etc.

We take pride in having a full selection of your plumbing needs. There is no way to list every item we stock but come in and browse around. We will be glad to assist you with all of your plumbing needs.